For as long as I can remember photography has entranced me. With my first camera, I used to go for nature shots of trees, water, sunsets, animals, etc. as well as a lot of candid shots and remembering annoying high school friends with some of them.

When I got my first digital camera I continued my focus on nature shots, but a rough patch in life caused me to lose a lot of myself including photography.

The last couple of years, especially since my daughter was born, I began taking more than occasional sunset or hiking shots, until it became something I was seeking out again.

In June 2018, attending Denver Comic Con, I realized how much I enjoyed shooting cosplays, not just looking at them.

It was that which pushed me into this direction, including separate social media for my photography, this website, and aiming at starting a business of it, with a focus on nature, cosplay, and vintage.

Since beginning this endeavor, I have been able to add some shots to my portfolio of photography for two different restaurant’s marketing campaign as well as come cosplay shots, with much more planned.

For those curious about the name I’ve chosen, it comes from years of using #oooShiny as my personal hashtag, as well as using it in a series of websites about sports and entertainment.

All of that said, welcome to my site for oooShiny Photography.